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MATCH #1: OUTBREAK Wrestling Championship: Damien Smith defeats EN Bush & Brother Greatness

MATCH #2: Riot City's Most Wanted defeats K.T.B.

MATCH #3: Wrex Savage & GreyWolf battled to a DOUBLE COUNT OUT

MATCH #4: OPEN CHALLENGE Championship: "The Shooter" Killian McMurphy dethrones Muddy Waters

MATCH #5: "Hitman For Hire" Mr. Grim defeats JT Funk

MATCH #6: HEAVYWEIGHT Championship / DOVERvTheWorld 3: "Beard Villain" Johnny Malloy pinned Sonny Kiss to retain

MATCH #7: HEAVYWEIGHT Championsip / DOVERvTheWorld 4:

Yams The Working Man pinned Johnny Malloy to become the NEW Champion

MATCH #8: VALHALLA VISIONS Championship / 2 Out Of 3 Tables Match:  The match was ruled a DRAW, after both competitors went through the 3rd table.

MATCH #9: TAG TEAM Championship / Ladder Match:

BRUH w/ George Burkett defeated The Bully Club to become the NEW Champions

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