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I, Myself, Cody Deabold, proudly am back once again and this time to make a major announcement.


#RAMPAGEmania goes down this Sunday during #WRESTLEMANIA!!!

You cool kids are asking yourselves "What's RAMPAGE - MANIA?", wooohooo I'm here to tell ya'...

All Sunday, the Rampage Pro Wrestling facebook and twitter are going to be flooded with MATCH ANNOUNCEMENTS, WRESTLER SPOTLIGHTS, and tons of video content. Wrestler interviews, videos sent in to us, everything to get you ready for "Apocalypse" on April 21st.

What we want you guys to do, is RT / Share everything that goes up with the hastag "RAMPAGEmania". That way we're all connected and the most people see what Rampage Pro is doing on the most important day of the wrestling year... RUSEV DAY!


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