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"YOU-BOOK-IT" for April 21st

My name is Harold O’Harts and I live, eat, sleep, breath, professional wrestling. I work for Rampage Pro Wrestling behind the scenes. I put together some of the videos, I write some of the website articles, you may even catch me standing behind a camera at one of our live events.

When I was asked if I’d like to write a “YOU-BOOK-IT” article for the, I jumped at the chance!

We’re each going to create our own 5 match event for Rampage Pro Wrestling’s April 21st event.

Name the show, pick the matches, post them in the comments below. I’m excited to share what I’ve come up with and to hear what you fans have in mind.

Rampage Pro Wrestling presents “Greed” – 4/21/18

#1. RAMPAGE PRO WRESTLING HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Beard Villain Johnny Malloy © v. Rich $teve (Project Mayhem) – Rich $teve uses his win in the RIOT RUMBLE to cash in for a title shot against Johnny Malloy.

#2. RAMPAGE PRO WRESTLING OPEN CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP: LiveWire Ryan Vox © v. Killian McMurphy v. JT Funk – Killian McMurphy has a legitimate complaint at the way he was eliminated from the OPEN CHALLENGE GAUNTLET and JT FUNK is the champion who never lost.

#3. RAMPAGE PRO WRESTLING TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: The Bully Club © v. Muddy Waters & Yams The Working Man – GM Lars Madison tries to put an end to the problems between Muddy & Yams by giving them a shot at the tag titles. Can the former Heavyweight Champion and the former Contender co-exist and capture the tag belts?

#4. VALHALLA VISIONS Invitation Auditions – Champion Mac Mayhem holds an open audition for a #1 contender to his Valhalla Visions Championship. It’s like a job interview, but for a title shot.

#5. Tough Tim Hughes v. Wrex Savage - Wrex Savage has looked impressive in his last outing, but a win over ROH's Tim Hughes could put him in line for a title shot. While a win over Wrex by Tim Hughes, helps Tim gains needed momentum.

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