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MATCH #1:  Riot City’s Most Wanted advanced to the second round with Jason Drake’s pinfall on Michael’s Amaydo.


MATCH #2:  Rich $teve & Ray Rumble advanced to the second round when Muddy Waters left his partner Brother Greatness, leading to a belly-to-belly and pin by Rich $teve.


MATCH #3:  Louis G. Rich & Vic Ramon advance to the second round by count-out victory when GreyWolf pursued SHONGO to the backstage area after the monster stole the VALHALLA VISIONS CHAMPIONSHIP.


MATCH #4:  Killing The Business advanced to the second round over Ryan Vox & JT Funk in controversy, as Jay Cortez forced the officials to end the match after claiming JT Funk had tapped during a Myles applied submission.


MATCH #5:  Stan Stylez defeated Jamie Senegal with a Whipped-Cream-Stunner for the pin.


MATCH #6:  Louis G. Rich & Vic Ramon advanced to the finals with a codebreaker-frog splash combo for the victory over Killing The Business.


MATCH #7:  A quick series of tag maneuvers led Riot City’s Most wanted to advance into the finals, defeating the duo of Ray Rumble & Rich $teve


MATCH #8: TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP / CONTRACT CASH-IN: Rich $teve cashed in his title opportunity on his own partner Ray Rumble and was able to win the R.P.W. TAG TEAM TITLES.


MATCH #9:  HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Yams The Working Man once again defeated Beard Villain Johnny Malloy to retain his championship.


MATCH #10: Louis G. Rich & Mac Mayhem won the PTV LETHAL LOTTERY TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT, when LGR hit a counter codebreaker on Sicend for the pinfall. (Vic Ramon was unable to compete in the finals due to an earlier attack by K.T.B.

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