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MATCH #1:  Muddy Waters was victorious via submission after Tyler Ash passed out.

MATCH #2:  Riot City’s Most Wanted scored the victory over The Elements  by pinfall.

MATCH #3:  Henry Lee Haight v. AK Willis was ruled a No Content due to both men being attacked by the Beard Villain Johnny Malloy.

MATCH #4:  “Shooter” Killian McMurphy & JT Funk ended in a DOUBLE COUNT-OUT.

MATCH #5:  Brutal Bob Evans & Tim Hughes picked up the win over Killing The Business.

MATCH #6:  Louis G. Rich impressed in his debut, submitting Vic Ramon.

MATCH #7:  VALHALLA VISIONS CHAMPION GreyWolf successfully defended his belt in the CORTEZ GAUNTLET, defeating: Dragonfly#2, Jeremy Grimes, Tyson Creed, The Solution, and Mac Mayhem.

MATCH #8: TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS BRUH w/ George Burkett retained in their rematch with The Bully Club.

MATCH #9:  HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Yams The Working Man won via DISQUALIFICATION after Jay Cortez, Killian McMurphy, and Mac Mayhem attacked the champion.

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